Welcome to brandonreiss.com.

My name is Brandon Reiss.

I am a programmer with a profound fascination for computer technology dating to my early childhood. I am currently a part-time Master's student at NYU with a focus in machine learning. I also work professionally at Knewton developing adaptive educational software that recommends content in order to maximize individual students' learning outcomes.

Many of my course programming projects are available on my GitHub account located here.

Please visit the noweats project page to view what New Yorkers are eating over the past hour. This project uses nltk to parse tweets and extract food-related noun phrases.

During the Spring 2012 semester, I worked on visual odometry using depth and RGB features extracted from a Microsoft Kinect sensor mounted on a WillowGarage TurtleBot robotics platform. The code related to this project is available here while the report for my project is posted here. In addition, I have posted applets from my coursework for Ken Perlin's Computer Graphics course. Many of these projects represent dozens of hours of diligent toiling as well as an opportunity for me express my artistic style.

During the Fall of 2011, I worked on a team of three to produce an entirely JavaScript implementation of a game called Nanomunchers for Denis Shasha's Heuristic Problem Solving course. The code is here and a live release of it is online here. In addition, I worked on a computer vision based platform for automated traffic density detection on a mobile phone platform as a Development System for resource poor economies. The code and report for that work are posted here.

The background artwork of this site is procedural. Try refreshing.

You may contact me at brandon@brandonreiss.com.